Press Kit

Kevin’s book, “Who’s Afraid of the Journey? 8 Steps to Help You Walk in the Confidence of Christ”, unpacks eight important Biblical principles that all people can apply to their daily lives to help them overcome temptation, realize their self-worth and walk with confidence in Jesus Christ who supplies all these things. Because Kevin is twenty-three years old, he writes this book from a 21st century perspective with the emphasis being on the real struggles that youth and young adults face in a world that expects so much from them. Each principle in this book must be embodied as a daily part of one’s life, which rightly separates it from other formal “self-help” books. All in all, Kevin Murriel is a driven young man who is working hard to change the stigma placed on young people in America and the world by helping them realize that they can walk with confidence daily by maintaining a consistent relationship with Jesus Christ even in the face of doubt, temptation, and adversity.