Manifest. The Power to Renew Your Mind and Transform Your Life

Manifestation is giving birth to your dreams, your prayers, your hopes, and your expectations. This is spiritual work as much as it is physical work. The principles within this book are written from a spiritual perspective and are transferable into any part of life. This book is for the person seeking direction for their life. This book is for the business leader trying to manifest positive results with their employees and raise their level of productivity and performance. This book is for the pastor or spiritual leader attempting to shift the culture of their church and reach more people with a message of hope and love. This book is for the counselor trying to help their clients experience greater joy in life. We all have things we want to manifest, and this book will help you prioritize your goals and position you to receive all that God has for you.


Breaking the Color Barrier

America is more diverse than ever and the Church should embrace such a gift. This hope-filled and prophetic book seeks to answer the question, “Why does racial reconciliation matter in American Christianity today?” It is a new vision for the Church. Murriel provides a snapshot of history that highlights one of the Church’s greatest challenges and uplifts a Christ-centered way forward that all pastors, laity, students, and civic leaders should apply to promote racial reconciliation in American Christian Life as communities become more diverse.

Breaking the Color Barrier is a thoughtful and insightful guide to help God’s people move beyond the divisive issues associated with race to a more engaging reality of progressing the Kingdom of God.


Who’s Afraid of the Journey?

8 steps to help you walk in the confidence of christ.

Available in Kindle Edition and Paperback