Breaking the Color Barrier

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America is more diverse than ever and the Church should embrace such a gift. This hope-filled and prophetic book seeks to answer the question, “Why does racial reconciliation matter in American Christianity today?” It is a new vision for the Church. Murriel provides a snapshot of history that highlights one of the Church’s greatest challenges and uplifts a Christ-centered way forward that all pastors, laity, students, and civic leaders should apply to promote racial reconciliation in American Christian Life as communities become more diverse.

Breaking the Color Barrier is a thoughtful and insightful guide to help God’s people move beyond the divisive issues associated with race to a more engaging reality of progressing the Kingdom of God.



“Kevin Murriel, in his book, points the reader toward the future, by examining the past. Rather than seeing race as a basis for dividing the church, he argues, the Church of future, must boldly proclaim it is as God’s gift, and should be seen as an element of church growth for the future of the Church. A society that continues to be increasingly racially and ethnically diverse, if embraced and not ignored by the Church is a faithful Church and likely to be a growing Church.”

–Bishop Woodie W. White, Bishop in Residence, Candler School of Theology, Emory University

“Breaking the Color Barrier is a timely and compelling call to racial reconciliation within the scandalously divided body of Christ. It makes its distinctive contribution by drawing lessons from the example of the courageous but much overlooked white civil rights pioneer Ed King. Encountering Rev. King in these pages leaves the reader both profoundly challenged and deeply inspired. Thank God for Ed King–an for Kevin Murriel for telling us his story.”

 –Craig C. Hill, PH.D,  Research Professor of Theological Pedagogy; Executive Director of D.Min. and M.A.C.P. Programs, Duke Divinity School, Duke University

“Kevin Murriel’s book is illuminating in many ways. Based on careful research and a series of penetrating interviews, the author introduces the reader to Ed King, one of the largely unsung Christian heroes of the civil rights movement in the South. More than a study of Ed King, however, Breaking the Color Barrier shows racial reconciliation energizes the renewal of Christian congregations. This is church renewal in its most radical key–a fascinating and important study.”

         –Richard A. Lischer, PH.D, James T. and Alice Mead Cleland Professor of Preaching, Duke Divinity School, Duke University